A Brief History Of…

A man of the north who followed his big mouth south, Aaron Jackson is a fictional creation (although loosely based on fact). Descended from a long line of Northumbrian wolves (distaff) and brooding monsters of dark Baltic immensity, he exists in a negotiated state of continuous tension between the promptings of his historically determined destiny and his belief in the power of individual agency to change what happens next.

A practising academic and educator, a working musician, and a published author, Aaron has seen the dawn from both ends from Newcastle, Edinburgh, London, and Manchester. Now living in a seven-hill world of rock, late nights, and early mornings, AJ currently enjoys spending time clinging by his fingertips to bad holds over worse landings, his feet not completely on the ground nor his head wholly in the clouds.

A piecework genius who skipped his polymath Tripos to mess around in boats, Aaron is an active campaigner for intellectual curiosity to be fitted to all humans as standard, and the president of the society for getting up off your arse and getting on with it. He doesn’t like to be disturbed, but knows that he is.

Aaron believes equally in myth of talent and the powers of practice, in the synergy of forward planning and blind luck, and in the dynamic interplay of hard work and happy accidents. He also has empirical proof of the kindness of strangers, and in the energy of momentum. As this page indicates he plainly doesn’t believe in self-aggrandising biographies, feeling that his professional profile, accomplishments, and achievements can be found quite easily using readily accessible search engines by those who wish to see if they make more money than him if that’s their particular sort of pissing contest.

Aaron Jackson has no star sign.