Chunky, but Funky *

Terms and coinages are like buses: you wait ages, and all of a sudden three usages come along at once. This observation isn’t axiomatic, naturally, but if metaphors can be mixed (and they should, given that life on any level is too complex to be accommodated in cut and dried ... Read More

Fucks Continue Not To Be Given About Elitism in UK Arts

Shadow jobsworth Harriet Harman (MP) found herself at the centre of a row that no-one else cares about following her demand that the Arts in Britain be made more inclusive and less elitist. The community that depends on the taxpayer for their wages collectively put down their skinny lattes and roundly ... Read More

Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now

  I see that the Morrissey has released on a world panting for it his cunningly titled Autobiography. I will leave it to others to comment on his hijacking of the Penguin Classics imprint iconography. I will leave others to comment on it because even though Morrissey was last relevant ... Read More